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Fee? Free!

We want everyone to feel welcome and be able to share cultural experiences, so come as you are in all weathers, we are there!



Find the party
Carnival parade

The party is the Engelska Parken in Uppsala. Officially, the park is called the Carolina Park, but among most it is known as the Engelska Parken. Address: Carolinaparken, Kåbo, 753 10 Uppsala.

From Uppsala Central Station you can either walk about 15 minutes or take a city bus which takes about 5 minutes. The buses that go here are 6, 11 or 20 and get off at stop "Slottsbacken". Timetables can be found at: UL.se.

The Carnival parade runs through central Uppsala. It starts on Nedre Slottsgatan and ends in Engelska Parken.

The bikes are advantageously parked in the Carolina Redivivas or Campus Engelska Park bicycle racks. Car parking is available nearby, including at Ekonomikum and along Kyrkogårdsgatan. Most parking has a parking fee of SEK 10-20 / hour. Have a look at Uppsala Municipality's parking map.



FThe party site in Engelska Parken is a flat area with wide gravel paths with small gravel. There is access to the disabled toilet. There is handicap parking (4) adjacent to the area, which are located at Campus Engelska Parken (special permission is required). Travel service reaches the area via Thunbergsvägen's entrance to Campus Engelska Parken.


For more info regarding availability, contact: 
073 049 42 17
 or info@kulturernaskarneval.se

Read more about the park www.linneuppsala.se/plats/carolinaparken/



Families with children
For all?
Alcohol & drug free

The event is an alcohol- and drug-free festival. Which means we ask all our visitors to respect it and let the cultural impressions exert their very own joyful force!


Become a part of the festival

The Cultural Carnival is thanks to the commitment of everyone who participates! About 700 participants in the program, market & engagement square, 100 volunteer and a bunch of collaboration partners makes the Carnival possible together with the visitors. Read more under each page.



General info:

Address: Väpnargatan 24 kv 75336 Uppsala

E-mail: info@kulturernaskarneval.se


Phone number:

073 049 42 17 



Engelska Parken/Carolinaparke 

Thunbergsvägen 3H, 751 20 Uppsala

NOTE Limited office hours:
Limited office hours can cause the answer to your question to be delayed, and we thank you for your patience. 

More questions?

Do you have anything more you wonder? Or want to know more about? Then you are welcome to contact us through the contact details above or write us a message directly here.

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At the festival there are program points that suit everything from the smallest to the elderly! We believe that everyone carries their culture in different ways and sharing it with others can be both enriching and evolving. Everyone is welcome to the Cultural Carnival!

There is a special children's family area that we call Barnivalen. There are fun activities for the whole family! Adjacent to the Barnivalen are benches and tables, tents for shade and food vendors. There are also toilets close by, one of which has a changing table. The activities of the children 's competition are Saturday - Sunday at. 11-18. You can find more information in this year's festival during the Festival.