Why a Carnival?


The purpose of the Cultural Carnival is to highlight and celebrate society's diverse range of cultures and its artistic expression. We welcome this rich variety of people and we want to create meetings, fellowship, belonging and pride, joy and faith in the future.

Uppsala is to be a city where everyone should be able to feel welcome and feel belonging.
We welcome everyone to participate with either their business, commitment or visit. 

Around 700 participants in the program and over 100 volunteers make the carnival possible. We have a common dream of more warmth, spectacle and community in Uppsala.


The inspiration for the Cultural Carnival comes from the Carnival der Kulturen in Berlin and from the Carnival in Olinda / Recife in eastern Brazil. The idea was born to create a similar event for the cultural associations that exist in Uppsala city and county and which otherwise will not get the chance to showcase to the general public. In Uppsala, the Cultural Carnival was organized for the first time on May 16, 2009. The carnival was much appreciated by both the public and the participants. With this, a foundation was laid for an annual recital in Uppsala. A carnival as a form of expression stands for pride in one's own expression, but also about creating something together and participating in a larger context. 
The Cultural Carnival is organized by the non-profit association KulturAlla. 

KulturAlla is the nonprofit association that organizes Kulturernas Karneval each year. The association works to create cross-cultural and generational meeting places in Uppsala. By highlighting and celebrating the cultural diversity, the association wants to contribute to creating mutual respect and understanding between people. KulturAlla want to spread joy and community by making Uppsala a richer cultural city. KulturAlla are politically and religiously independent and open to anyone who wants to become members. By becoming a member, you help us to continue to organize the Kulturernas Karneval, and you are welcome to join the team if you want to be an active part of the creation of the festival. Read more about volunteering below.


Read more at: kulturalla.se

The carnival 2020 was supposted to have the theme "Lika fast olika", which is in good agreement with the association CultureAlla's value foundation. All people are equally worthy, it does not matter how different we are on the outside or inside, or what conditions we have. We want to give everyone the opportunity to experience culture and meet new people, regardless of conditions.

The equal value of all people can be read about in the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which also describes, among other things, that everyone has the right to freedom of expression and to participate in the cultural life of society and to enjoy art. During the Cultural Carnival 2020, we want to give more groups in society the opportunity to share their culture and be represented in the public space, and we therefore strive to have a diversity of cultural and ethnic groups, including more national minorities represented in the program, in the market, among the volunteers and in the marketing.

Read more about human rights on the government's website or in UN's  universal declararion of Human Rights



We want the Cultural Carnival to make Uppsala and the world a little better, which is why both ecological and social sustainability are important to us. The event must be environmentally friendly and we sort waste, provide organic and vegetarian service to volunteers and artists, coordinate transport to reduce emissions and prioritize marketers who have organic or locally produced products.
The event should be accessible to everyone, regardless of background and abilities. We offer a free event for all ages and we work to make the party space accessible to different people's needs so that everyone can feel welcome at the carnival. Help us be environmentally friendly by sorting your junk at our environmental stations located throughout the party area. The carnival is drug free and we ask all visitors to abstain from alcohol in the festival area. We ask smokers to show respect to their fellow human beings by not smoking in public gatherings and of course throwing their smokes into intended vessels.


Work Team



General Info:

E-mail: info@kulturernaskarneval.se



Engelska Parken/Carolinaparken 

Thunbergsvägen 3H, 751 20 Uppsala

Note: Limited office hours may cause the answer to your question to be delayed, we thank you for your patience.)

The team behind the Cultural Carnival consists of two project leaders and a project group of voluntarily engaged people. During the year, about 25 planning volunteers act as ball boards for the project managers and work in different ways to enable the carnival by engaging in the part of the carnival's planning and structure that interests them, for example communication or planning of the program. The planning volunteers discusses, visions, plans and works with the support of the project managers and is a vital building block in the work with the festival.


You can also choose to get involved in the work during the festival days with, for example, building and decorating the site, become a host for artists or help inform visitors. Read more about becoming a volunteer. 

Are you interested in being part of the project team?

We are currently looking for planning volunteers, join us behind the scenes of the festival!

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Want to join the party?

Read here Volunteer on how to get involved and join the carival family!