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By becoming a partner at the Cultural Carnival, you help to make Uppsala's warmest folk party possible. We strive for equality, celebrate the diversity that exists in society and welcome everyone with a free entrance and an alcohol-free event. The carnival is a meeting place for people with different conditions, cultures and backgrounds and we believe that such a meeting place is needed to promote tolerance, understanding and friendship between different groups of society. 


The theme for Carnival 2020 is “Lika fast olika” and with this theme we want to shed light on the different conditions and backgrounds that we humans have and that we are all equal, equally worthwhile as people despite our differences. Our goal is to be an inviting and welcoming festival where everyone is given the opportunity to experience culture and meet new people, regardless of conditions.


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Read about different cooperation packages in the collaboration brochure or contact us with your own proposal, we are happy to tailor our collaborations so that they are most useful for you and for us! 

Contact: info@kulturernaskarneval.se

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Why should you become a partner?

As a partner for Cultural Carnival, you strengthen your brand through the association values ​​you reach through us; everyone's right to culture as practitioners and viewers, diversity and equality, ecological and social sustainability, and culture as a driving force for a prosperous society.
Through us you reach a broad target group of culturally and socially interested people of all ages. The carnival train had about 10,000 spectators and the party site had about 8000 visitors and over 700 participants in 2019. You can see, for example, in our program magazine which is sent out to 80,000 households and in our digital marketing that reaches over 3000 people.  


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