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Why should you volunteer? There are many reasons. Try something new, fill in your resume, meet new people and help make Uppsala's warmest folk party possible are just a few examples!

As a volunteer at the Cultural Carnival, there are a variety of tasks you can try, read more about the different tasks below.

You can both volunteer on site during the festival - Festival Volunteer or participate as a Planning Volunteer. As a Festival volunteer, you are involved in the construction and implementation of the festival weekend with us. We need you who are happy, culturally interested and like people. As a festival volunteer, you get coffee and food during your working hours.
If you like what happens behind the scenes, you are most welcome to apply as a Planning Volunteer, where most of the work will be done in the spring of 2020.
You specify which areas you are interested in in the interest form. 


Of course, you can get a certificate on your efforts!

Register in the form, the last registration date is 3 May 2020.


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Niklas tells us

What do you get out participating in the festival? 

Among the best things about being a volunteer at the Cultural Carnival is that there is a place for everyone to fill, regardless of age, gender, knowledge and education - what I really turn off is that everyone has something they can contribute! We have an age range from 16 years to 65+, and some have lived in Uppsala since birth, while others are here to study or maybe even wait for a residence permit. My own volunteering often means some responsibility - but the great thing about being involved is that you can choose the extent to which you want to volunteer, and freedom of choice means that you do not have to take such a big responsibility if you do not want to.

- Niklas Volunteer

Marketing & social media

Planning volunteers can write texts, edit pictures and create content!

Build & decorate

Planning volunteers creates decorations during the spring and festival volunteers help toset up tents and decorate the party area
Program planning

Planning volunteers can help choose who should be in the stageprogram and in what order they should perform

Environment & infrastructure

Festival volunteers helps make everything work, like water and electricity, and keeps it clean and tidy.


Planning volunteers help plan content for the vhildrens area and festival volunteers help lead the activities for the children

Carnival parade

Festival volunteers make sure the parade goes smoothly through Uppsala, with helping out with for example fencing and guiding the parade

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